Pinewood Celebrates the 2017 Solar Eclipse


For what seemed like months, Nashville was completely a'buzz with excitement for what was dubbed the celestial event of the century: The 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Not only was Music City one of the major US cities that fell upon The Path of Totality, but it was also suggested that the population of our city would triple during that weekend, almost exclusively due to the slew of star-gazing tourists descending upon our town. Locals took off work to celebrate the monumental event, which happened to fall on a Monday, and the city was proposed to be a complete and total gridlock due to the influx of bodies and vehicles.

So what did we at Pinewood decide to do to honor this once-in-a-lifetime experience?
Throw a party, of course!

Day Drinking in the Dark was a great success and a total blast. For $100, a group of 125 folks spent the afternoon dipping in our pools and sunning themselves on our outdoor patio -- until it all went dark, of course. All guests were given an Eclipse Kit upon arrival, a survival bag that contained official Eclipse Glasses, a pack of Eclipse gum, an official Day Drinking in the Dark T-shirt, pin and poster, two drink tickets and a meal ticket, which included a burger, bag of Sun Chips, can of Sun Drop and of course a Moon Pie. 

When the moon fully eclipsed the sun and everything went dark (really!), our guests were equipped with glow sticks and neon body paint. We saw a 360 degree sunset, felt a drop in temperature of about 10 degrees, and even witnessed an engagement proposal during those 2 minutes of totality!

Overall, we had such a fun time hosting star-gazers from near and far, all of whom chose Pinewood as their Solar Eclipse watch-spot!



Check out some Photos from Day Drinking in the Dark: